Andrew & Danielle

Hi Pat

You have NO idea how much stress you have taken off me, and the tears he doesn’t have to dry off my cheeks trying to plan the huge family wedding. No dealing with a million realities who all decided our wedding was supposed to be one thing or another. And when we leave Kitchener its off to Niagara Falls to our romantic takeaway place. Our wedding, our way. So amazing! More people should do this!

I am very excited for the 25th! Thank you for making this so easy. The big wedding was getting too much and every guest had their own input and must-haves and it was starting to resemble something neither of us wanted. You’ve made this so easy, pleasant and still very sweet, loving and romantic. The renewal can be this big annoying party, but the real thing is simple and comfortable. This process reminds us that our wedding is about US joining together in OUR marriage. Words cannot express my relief and joy! You ladies are amazing!

Thank you soo much,

Andrew Blakey & Danielle Maire Viau (soon to be Blakey)

August 25, 2016


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